Founded in 2010, Awesome Appliance Repair LLC is hiring good people to serve our neighbours. Who do we want to hire? Awesome people. But, what does that mean? It means we are a part of a highly valued service company that is dedicated to honesty and integrity!

We are looking for honest, reliable and dependable people WITH and WITHOUT experience to join our Awesome team as appliance repair technicians. Joining our team now allows you an early opportunity to be apart of the beginning of the great shift happening in appliance repair in Elk Grove and Sacramento. There is high demand for expert, quality, accurate service, and we want to bring in partners that can help with that experience. Join us and see why we're different.

Here's the offer:

We pay experienced technicians 35% COMMISSION on the repair labor with a base pay of $20 per hour for non-commissioned periods. Benefits will start 30 days after start day.

High end and some specialty service pays 40% once a technician demonstrates his or her skill.

Service Desk (SD) is our current software. It is not mandatory to know SD to apply.

Entry level technicians will start at $17.50 per hour with benefits starting after the completion of the training module.